Feb 15, 2011

Creating The Scene

Bread. The Staff of Life. It's been made all over the world for as long as people have occupied the earth. Taking simple ingredients like flour, salt and water and a form of leavening such as yeast, sourdough or baking powder, a complex and tasty food has resulted that enters into our lives at nearly every meal!

I've made bread before. Some good, some not so good. But this year, I'm going to attempt to mix chemistry with a bit of my soul and come out with the ultimate, best tasting, "Blue Ribbon At The Fair" bread!

Each week, I'll be posting photos and recipes of the bread I bake. A few of the types I'm hoping to cover are the loaf breads, 5 minute artisan breads, pizza dough, pita and flatbreads and bread created from flours I've ground myself! I will also be reviewing bread books and tools as well as flours and grains from different millers.

Become a follower today! I enjoy your comments and suggestions and look forward to taking this journey with you.

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