Mar 21, 2011

A Little "Green" in my Baking Week!

It rained in California this week. Rained and rained and RAINED!! Then the sun came out and I think I spotted a rainbow over my local Green Bargain store. Even though St. Patricks Day is over, I'm sure the Leprechauns were responsible for my bit of good luck THIS week!

My husband suggested a trip to the Green Bargain to search for a "new read". After I found my book I started browsing around and saw what appeared to be a bread machine.

"What is this??!! A Zojirushi!!!?? At the Green Bargain??!!"

What a find! I mean, just look at the operating pad.... it still had the protective plastic over it!

Protective Screen Hadn't been removed

Looking good inside too!

Only missing its paddles

My husband looked at me like I was crazy!

"But you just got a new breadmaker a couple weeks ago."

"I know, I KNOW, but..... Honey.... its a Zojirushi!!!! Do you KNOW how much these things COST new?? Most of the time over $200! How much are they asking?"

Being Sold For $22

"Honey, grab it quick, grab it!!"

"Well, let me see.... is it complete? There MUST be something wrong with it if it's being sold for THAT little. See? It's missing it's little paddles"

We can replace those easy. The internet, I mean, how much could they COST???

Beautiful view of inside without paddles

So I finally talked him into grabbing it just the way it was and we head up to the front with our "find".

Hubby says, "We'd like this and oh, by the way, do you happen to have the little paddles up here at the counter somewhere?"

"No, it is being sold as is.... BUT, I can knock a bit off the price for you."

(My jaw was almost on the ground now. Isn't $22 low enough??)

She says, "How about $15 and we call it a sale? You can probably find new blades for that price."

I am happily dancing the jig and about to POP trying not to look TOO excited and here is the proof of my purchase......

Marked Down to $15!

Hardgoods..... $15.

I came home, turned it on to make sure it worked, which it DID, downloaded the user manual from the internet, ordered 2 paddles for the total of $12 + shipping and handling and I can't WAIT to try it out!!

Thank you Reilly Hoolahan Seamus O'Manny my beloved little Leprechaun!!!

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