Mar 12, 2011

A New Breadmaker!


Yesterday this was on sale at my local Sears at a price I couldn't refuse! So I will be making some bread in it this week and letting you know how it compares to my older Panasonic model.

  • It is newer and has several more settings than my older model. It is even supposed to be able to make a refrigerator jam!
  • It makes a 2 lb. loaf in a more traditional shape
  • It is actually somewhat smaller than my current model and looks like it will sit on my counter easier
  • Allows the addition of dried fruits and nuts at a particular cycle and will beep to let you know when to add

  • A 2 lb. loaf with only one dough blade makes me wonder if the dough will be completely mixed
  • Cycle notification "beeps". My current model only beeps when the bread is completely done. That means I can program it to make fresh bread in the morning when I get up and the beeping isn't keeping me awake through the night or early morning
  • It appears to use only Bread Machine yeast. My model now uses any kind as well as sourdough
I really can't wait to try something new and see the progress in bread machines since I bought my first about 15 years ago.

Stay tuned..

This weeks' bread will include Irish Soda bread for your St. Patricks Day celebration and a cinnamon raisin loaf for my dear son-in-law.

1 comment:

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